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The FECPAK system brings the Faecal Egg Counting (FEC) test from the laboratory to the farm allowing manual on the spot parasite assessment that is undertaken by farmers, veterinarians or consultants. The FECPAK unit is a customised purpose-built product containing all the equipment needed for calculating quick and accurate FEC. All equipment is designed to be used on-farm and has been successfully used and refined in the field since 1993.

Imortant to note

The FECPAK system is currently under redevelopment with the release of our FECPAKG2 system. Currently the FECPAKG2 system is available and validated to test sheep FEC only, but other species are at this time being validated and prepared for release to our customers.

For existing FECPAKG1 customers we are able to sell additional species packs for the on farm unit allowing the testing of Sheep, Cattle, Alpaca, Goats and Horses. If you are an existing FECPAKG1 user and wish to expand your unit please do not hesitate to contact Techion Group.

We are unable to sell the FECPAKG1 system to new customers, if you are interested in FEC testing your animals, please do not hesitate to contact us or have a look at our exciting new FECPAKG2 system.


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