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FECPAKG2 Commercial

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WHAT IS FECPAKG2 Commercial?

FECPAKG2 Commercial is a complete high-throughput laboratory system, utilising the FECPAKG2 online data management system. The system allows the easy generation of results and easy distribution of those results to your client so they can make informed parasite management decisions without delays. The FECPAKG2 system utilises innovative technology which has been validated against traditional microscopy methods. Currently the FECPAKG2 Commercial system is available for processing Sheep FEC. Cattle and Horse FEC testing is undergoing validation and will be available soon


  • Parasitology Laboratories
  • Other Industry Laboratories
  • Veterinarians
  • Industry Field Staff
  • Universities
  • Anyone selling and supporting FECPAK egg count services

WHY USE FECPAKG2 Commercial?

Improved testing efficiency and faster FEC processing

The FECPAKG2 process is streamlined to make processing of FEC samples as quick and easy as possible.

Increased staff productivity

The FECPAKG2 system has been designed so that all submissions are easy to access, results are quick to send and productivity reports are easy to access and export.

Staff do not need to all be onsite or in the lab

Staff can ‘mark-up’ sample images from anywhere, all they need is to have an internet connection and their staff login.

Total FEC data storage
  • FEC data is stored securely on our online servers
  • Data is managed easily through our FECPAKG2 software allowing the creation of various reports
  • Because the results and images captured are all stored on our online servers, all samples can be quickly reviewed and audited


  • The complete FECPAKG2 Commercial system
  • Traceable, long-term FEC data
  • Complete decision, technical and software support
  • Test reminders and animal health alerts tailored for your clients’ needs
  • While using FECPAKG2 Commercial, you have the opportunity to on-sell FECPAKG2 Subscriptions as an agent to create ongoing annual commission


In the laboratory:
  • FEC samples are processed and an online sample image is generated
  • Parasite eggs are counted or ‘marked-up’
  • Results are stored on the FECPAKG2 Commercial online data management system
  • The result report with decision support is sent via email to the client
As a FECPAKG2 agent:
  • As an agent you can on-sell FECPAKG2 units to clients who are unable to access your laboratory service; when you on-sell units you will receive an annual commission
  • Those clients will process their own FEC samples and generate their own images which will be submitted to your laboratory for markup and results reporting
  • Using the FECPAKG2 Commercial system you will provide the test results and decision support back to those clients

Eurion Thomas

Wed 25 January, 2017

The Sainsbury’s FECPAKG2 Project draws to a close at the end of March 2017, here we present preliminary UK DrenchCheck results and remind you that you can still sign up to the project and get a discount for the FECPAKG2 system

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Greg Mirams

Tue 13 October, 2015

For the past 40 years New Zealand cattle farmers have relied on highly effective anthelmintic treatments to minimise the impact of parasites on their production systems. This investment is approximately $50 million annually...

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John McEwan

Fri 09 October, 2015

John McEwan from AgResearch takes a look at the damage parasites cause New Zealand farmers. He shows how testing and genetic selection can increase on farm production.

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Eurion Thomas

Fri 05 June, 2015

We have successfully set up a number of producers both in the UK and New Zealand and we are already seeing an impact on parasite control.

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